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The Today Show

On Sept 18th, 2006 Janet THE HAHA Lady was featured on THE TODAY show in a segment "It's never too late to find happiness." The segment was taped in West Palm Beach on Sept 2nd at Panera Bread on Village Blvd. Janet shares "While everyone else was preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Ernesto, I was searching for a place for the TODAY show to come and film me for a segment entitled “It’s Never Too Late to Find Happiness.” Besides having to find a place to film, I also had to plan the program as well as gather people to be part of it. On Saturday Sept 2, I arrived at Panera Bread on Village Blvd to meet the crew, which consisted of a freelance producer from Miami, a cameraman and his assistant. While they set up for the first part of the day, I was setting up for my program entitled “Access Your Inner Princess.” Then at 1:30 I sat outside in my favorite Quacker Factory outfit for a one-hour private interview on my viewpoints n happiness and on the Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes. We finished the interview just as the rain clouds got very heavy and we got inside before the big downpour. Then after a short break and a change of clothes (per the New York producer’s request), the princesses entered into the transformed room to be entertained for an hour. They got to make princess wands, give themselves princess names, dress up like princesses and learn about how to be empowered women. Then to end the afternoon, the group gathered outside to play in my favorite creation, the bubble playground. We concluded the filming around 5 pm. I was very glad that it was all over and could relax with friends afterwards. I was totally calm during the filming as I concentrated on doing what I do and having fun. "



The Sun-Sentinel Article that prompted Today Show

The Gospel of Happiness

Society promoties looking on the bright side of life

 By Margo Harakas South Florida Sun-Sentinel Posted August 7 2006


Read the entire article. Download PDF

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