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More about how it all began

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I don't remember how the name the HaHa Lady came about. I came up with the idea for The Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes, or HaHa as I wanted the those initials in the name. Some one called me The HaHa Lady at a progam I was doing and the name stuck. The picture shown on this page came about when I was written about in a story in Family Circle Magazine and they wanted a picture. They ended up using a stock photo and I ended up using the photo.  At one time, I did wear that hat and the Tshirt which says, Bee Happy.  As the years have gone on, I have changed my image and have found that I don't need a costume to be recognized as The HaHa Lady. 


Some people don't remember that I even have name or don't know that my name is Janet and I am often called the laughing lady.  While laughing is wonderful the most important thing we can do is have a great attitude and

SMILE. When you SMILE you Sread More Inner Light Everywhere. When you smile you bring instant joy to yourself and those around you. I wish you all the happiness in the world. It was my goal when I started the organization to spread happiness to South Florida and I have done that and more and you can to.

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