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Janet has been working with children and their families for over 20 years. She worked for McKids stores as Shaina the Storyteller and has been on national and international television, including the Today Show. As a community leader she initiated National Adoption Week ceremonies in Palm Beach County, co-founded Harmony, which was an interracial network of families and friends, served as President of Parents Adoption Lifeline and as a Family Leader with The Federation of Families of Palm Beach County. In addition to being a Certified Laughter Leader and Founder of the Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes she is Certified Family Life Educator and a Certified Teaching Artist with the Center for Creative Education.

            Complementing her work with parents and children, Janet is a published author and creator of programs including Laugh Away Your Stress, From Crayons to Careers, Love, Laughter and Lifemates and many more. Janet was featured on The TODAY show Sept 18, 2006 in a segment “It’s Never Too Late to Find Happiness” which featured her latest self-esteem program for women- Access Your Inner Princess and unique bubble playground.  Her latest program I’m A Super Hero was inspired by the Palm Beach Post article (July 15, 2011): The HAHA Lady uses comics to promote literacy.


She can often be found around town blowing bubbles, wearing her bright yellow HaHa Happy Hat, spreading her bubbly personality and cheerfulness to everyone she sees and was a frequent guest on the Jennifer and Danny morning radio show on WRMF 97.9. and the local and national television show Solo Parenting. She has been a co-host of The Power of We Radio and The Power of You Radio on and A Happy Moment with The HaHa Lady 1340am on The Spirit of Personal Development.


Author and Program Creator


Janet likes to joke that she was born "with pen in hand," as she is passionate about writing and literacy.  In addition to many published articles and a column Interrace and Bi-racial child, when they were being published, Janet creates programs that incorporate books in them and has done that for adults and children. One day, while teaching about super heros, a book was born called The Whole GLum Thing -Where Happiness Happens. While it is not the first book she has written, it is her first book published.  More information about programs and literacy can be found on the programs page.

Appearing as The HaHa Lady, Janet provides programs to children and adults and makes learning fun.





After the death of her husband in 1994, Janet founded The Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes

as a tribute to her husband and as a way of over coming grief.

There were numerous media stories about what she was doing which lead to The Today Show story.


Janet says-

It's Not Happiness

that Makes Us Laugh

It's Laughter that Makes Us Happy.


More about The Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes can be found at


In The


The Today Show

After an article about Happiness in The Sun Sentinenl newspaper, The Today Show came to South Florida and filmed Janet at Panera Bread on Village Blvd in West Palm Beach. THe segment was entitled " It's Never Too Late to find Happiness,"

Sept 2006

The HaHa Lady Uses Comics to Teach Literacy

This article appeared in the Palm Beach Post, and showed how Janet uses art an literacy to teach. From that article a new program was created called "I'm a Super Hero and from that came the book about a girl super hero called The Whole Glum Thing -Where Happiness Happens.
July 15, 2011


Janet and her family were on many TV, Radio and in Newspapers after Janet started adoption week ceremonies in Palm Beach County, Florida in 1988.  Janet, her late husband Allan and son, Timothy were on the CBS Morning Show and The Joan Rivers show as well as local television shows. It was those experiences that prompted Janet to write about her experiences and do programs on interracial life.

1986- 1994

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